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Predicting Key Outdoor Advertising Trends in 2017

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outdoor advertising trends 2017

Predicting Key Outdoor Advertising Trends in 2017

As we approach the New Year, GoGo Vision has been preparing for what we expect to be a highly productive and dynamic 2017. In terms of the outdoor advertising industry, 2016 oversaw a year of continued growth within the industry and this is expected to continue exponentially this year also.

Outdoor advertising is getting smart and we have strived to reflect this in our outdoor advertising Glasgow service. The classic static billboard is a thing of the past and while it remains a timeless and cheap way to advertise, there is nothing high-tech about it and revamped digital billboards are taking over.

We thought we would list a few things that we feel will be prominent in the out-of-home advertising industry in 2017 and we also plan to review and refine our own outdoor advertising Glasgow service too! Every day advertisers are finding new ways to spread digital messages to consumers and as the sophistication of technology increases so do the techniques that marketers and advertisers use to gain the attention of the public.

We expect to see more and more moving billboards replacing static ones in 2017. We already offer the mobile digital billboard as part of our outdoor advertising Glasgow service but you can expect to see many static billboards being replaced with digital ones in key areas of your town or city. Not only that, but some of these billboards will have cross-platform targeting mechanics built into their infrastructure.

What we mean by this is that soon enough you will be able to interact with digital billboards using your mobile device. As mobile phones and tablets become more advanced and ubiquitous so does the ability for these mobile devices to interact with the environment around them. Augmented made massive strides in 2016 with the mobile RPG video game, Pokemon Go proving to be wildly popular and successful. We can only see interaction between digital advertising displays and mobile devices gathering pace in 2017!

Speaking of augmented reality, another outdoor advertising trend that we feel will show great promise in 2017 is the emergence of relevant location-based messages. New forms of targeting will emerge this year and we found that consumers are a massive 41% more likely to react to advertising messages that they are exposed to in public places rather than those they are around at home. Not only will messages find a way to your mobile device but they will attempt to direct you to local hotspots. Watch this space.

Our third and final point that we will mention in this article is the classic case of creativity. Creativity is the key to innovation and out-of-home advertising will continue to benefit from those that can innovate and find new ways to communicate to others. Digital out-of-home advertising offers the perfect opportunity to reach a unique audience and there is huge potential to drive immediate impact and scale into calls to action which can lead to purchasing behaviour.

We will, of course, continue to bring you all the latest trends and news in 2017 and of course if you are thinking of an advertising campaign then look no further than our outdoor advertising Glasgow service. Get in touch and we can have a chat!

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