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Yes T Can – Tennent’s Lager

Go Go Vision / Yes T Can – Tennent’s Lager

Yes T Can – Tennent’s Lager

Former US president Barack Obama graced Scotland with a visit in May 2017, taking in the sights and Scottish hospitality, including having a taste of Glasgow’s own Irn Bru (which was shockingly the sugar-free kind!). This was before speaking at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for ‘An Evening with Barack Obama’.

GoGo Vision were approached by Wire, a Glasgow-based marketing and PR agency, to provide our mobile digital billboard for a one-off guerrilla marketing campaign with Tennent’s Lager. The goal was to celebrate Mr. Obama’s arrival with limited promotional cans of Tennent’s, and we were partnered up with Obama impersonator Barack No-Bama to deliver the ‘Yes T Can’ campaign.


The campaign was obviously a play on words of Obama’s famous 2008 campaign motto ‘Yes We Can’, and involved touring around the busiest spots in Edinburgh ahead of the former president’s arrival. While the GoGo Vision van displayed the clever campaign image, PR staff offered out free samples of the limited-edition ‘Yes T Can’ lager with Mr. No-Bama posing for photos with the public (We hope they knew he wasn’t the real Obama!). The whole event was some of the most fun we’ve had on a marketing campaign, and everyone involved generally had a great time celebrating the visit in typical Scottish fashion.

The campaign was a big success and was even mentioned by Mr. Obama during his dinner speech. What the campaign brilliantly displayed was the effectiveness of a mobile digital billboard for city-wide guerrilla marketing, especially when combined with the people on the street engaging with members of the public.


We’d like to give a big thanks to Wire and Tennent’s Lager for the opportunity, and we hope that Mr. Obama enjoyed his stay in Scotland!

June 29, 2017


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