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Magic Show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Case Study

Go Go Vision / Magic Show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Case Study

Magic Show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Case Study

The Remit: Working with Scotland’s Magician to provide ‘pop-up’ event at the Fringe Festival

The Service: Mobile Digital Screen, Live Video, iWalkers

The Location: The Royal Mile, Edinburgh


While we pride ourselves on our signature city ad campaigns in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, we’re always looking into new ways that we can use our digital screen as more than just a vehicle for advertising.


This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival presented a unique opportunity to use the GoGo Vision digital screen to not only take part in the celebrations, but also prove the GoGo screen’s ability to add spectacle and theatre to any outdoor event. A big part of the festival is undoubtedly the street performances and free entertainment, so we tried to think of a way to get involved. We partnered up with Scotland’s Magician, Scott Cuthbertson, to create the GoGo Vision Magic Show, set to hit the streets of Edinburgh on the first Friday of the festival.


On the day, we set up near the Royal Mile where tourists and festival-goers had begun to gather for the day’s events. We were lucky enough to book local celebrity presenter Steve McKenna to star in a fun introductory video to be shown before the start of the show. After the short intro from Mr. McKenna got people in the mood, Mr. Cuthbertson began an interactive street magic performance that drew a great crowd of passers-by. The GoGo Vision digital screen was put to good use throughout, providing background audio and visuals while Facebook live-streaming allowing us to show close-up video of the tricks in action. iWalker PR Staff also attended the event to chat to the public and show off some great brands.


The response was great, with participants of all ages stopping by to join in the fun. We thought this magic show would be a great way of both celebrating and joining in the festivities, while also demonstrating the power of our digital screen when it comes to interacting with the public and performing ‘guerrilla-style’ pop-up events. We’re always finding new and exciting ways to use the suite of digital tools at our disposal for different events and hope to bring a bit of our magic back to the Fringe next year!


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December 12, 2017


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