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GoGo Vision Provides Support to Edinburgh Airport

Go Go Vision / GoGo Vision Provides Support to Edinburgh Airport

GoGo Vision Provides Support to Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has just launched the second phase of consultation for proposed new flight paths and GoGo Vision was on hand to provide support! Airport chiefs had recently set up a programme to listen to members of the public and customers who use the airport on a regular basis to try and understand what was going wrong and areas in which they could improve their service. Operators came up with a number of proposals to help improve areas such as take-off routes and our events screens were present to communicate proposed changes to the public.

The first half of consultation was completed in September 2016 with 5000 peopling responding initially. Ideas included proposed flight path changes which would have to be considered by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Edinburgh airport is actually Scotland’s busiest and operators agreed that modernising the use of certain airspaces is needed to handle the continued traffic growth. Chief Executive Gordon Dewar argued that the airport continued to perform strongly in a sluggish market and that any new proposals would have to be effective from the word go for the sake of jobs as well as the environment.

However, he also stressed his commitment to engaging with the community and the campaign has been backed by location-based social media and also media advertising using our event screens and you may see them dotted around Edinburgh from time to time. We are here to help the airport provide information on how members of the public can leave feedback on the company’s website and other changes. There will also be information on drop-in sessions as well and you will be able to spot our screens as they will have the slogan “You spoke and we listened!” displayed clearly on the top left-hand side.

We have really enjoyed being a small part of the project so if you are looking for more information on the proposed changes then check out Edinburgh Airport’s website for more information on how you can make your voice heard. Additionally, if you have seen our event screens in locations around Edinburgh and would like to know more about how they work then feel free to get in touch where we would be happy to have a chat and explain how they could help your business.


February 3, 2017


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