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Whole Earth Launches First Outdoor Media Campaign in 50 Years

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whole earth outdoor media campaign

Whole Earth Launches First Outdoor Media Campaign in 50 Years

We recently read about peanut butter brand Whole Earth celebrating its 50th year in business and the company thought they would launch their very first outdoor media campaign. The campaign was titled “Fuel Good, Feel Good” with the company placing heavy emphasis on the natural ingredients within their range of products. The company has seen considerable success over the years so we thought we would check out their campaign to see how they got on.

The company began as a family business back in 1967 with brothers Craig and Gregory Sams opening an organic and vegetarian restaurant in London which was originally called Seeds. The restaurant could be considered a pioneer of the organic food market as there was very little known about the benefits of organic foods back in the 60s. These days the company focuses on selling their products from their website but has never really ventured into any outdoor media.

The campaign focuses on the health benefits and natural goodness of the Whole Earth product portfolio and there are currently 5000 outdoor adverts that are expected to meet over seven million people in the city of London. The creative ads are further backed with the #FuelGood hashtag and also by some interactive videos that are being created by blogger and endurance athlete Sophie Radcliffe who has been recruited to help out with the outdoor media campaign.

Overall, the company is on the up and with the launch of its very first outdoor media advertising campaign we can definitely see the brand enjoying another strong year. Last year oversaw successful growth of Whole Earth within the spreads category which has seen the company bypass Sun-Pat to become the Britain’s market leader of peanut butter. Additionally, the brand’s sales have grown by 31% year on year. We will definitely be keeping an eye on the company and its progress in 2017.

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