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Outdoor Advertising Stats You Need To Know

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outdoor advertising statistics

Outdoor Advertising Stats You Need To Know

What Did We Find?

The web is awash with almost every type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising data and you can spend days scanning the internet trying to find figures relevant to your marketing efforts. Reading up on outdoor advertising is, of course, advised if you are planning a campaign with us or anyone else for that matter. Our focus is mobile outdoor advertising so we thought we’d compile a few statistics that we feel are relevant to our digital advertising van.

The first is that consumers in the UK spend 70% of their time outside of their homes. Between work, school, socialising and leisure, consumers spend a lot of time out and about and the key problem with traditional home advertising these days is that consumers are not being exposed to these messages. Additionally, modern technologies such as Ad Blocker and direct media downloads are causing TV and internet advertising to be less relevant than they were 10 years ago and not nearly as effective.

This leads us to our second stat: 98% of people see at least one outdoor advert each week! With a considerable amount of traditional advertising mediums on the decline, this really is a staggering statistic and to us, shows that out of home advertising is continuing to go from strength to strength. When you factor in innovative products that can offer a mobile outdoor advertising solution, then you really can see why so many people see at least one outdoor ad per week.


Consumer Behaviour Stats

A study conducted in 2015 found that effective outdoor adverts were capable of driving mobile engagement forward by up to 38%. Naturally, when using mobile outdoor advertising you want consumers to engage with your brand with the hope of prompting a call to action (CTA). Research has shown that 17% of people generally engaged with a brand via their mobile after exposure to an outdoor advert. When you factor in that our digital advertising vans are completely mobile, you can certainly see the potential for consumer engagement.

After you have the consumer’s attention and they have engaged with your brand, convincing them to purchase is the next logical step. When it comes to shopping the real-world purchasing experience still reigns supreme but shoppers make spontaneous purchasing decisions with 92% of purchases could be considered as impulse buys. A massive three-quarters of these are influenced by persuasive displays most notably outdoor advertising. Combining creative messages with mobile outdoor advertising encourages this impulse buying!

We hope these statistics have helped you understand a little more clearly the effect that outdoor advertising can have on the consumer. The data we have collected just proves how effective the mobile outdoor advertising platform can be. We have a range of packages on offer for our digital ad van so if you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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