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What Happens When Outdoor Advertising Goes Horribly Wrong?

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What Happens When Outdoor Advertising Goes Horribly Wrong?

We haven’t encountered any hiccoughs with our outdoor advertising Glasgow service so far but we thought we would check out some examples of when outdoor advertising has gone horribly wrong.


A Turkish Mishap

Turkish Airlines created an advert for a shopping centre that used the escalator to simulate the plane flying. This quickly became an advertising fail when the aeroplane was faced the wrong way and the escalator simulated the plane crashing into the ground. Not the best effort at encouraging people to fly with Turkish Airlines.


IT Fail at Ikea

This one was well-publicised and caused a bit of embarrassment for home improvement company Ikea. Sometimes technology and outdoors don’t work well together and Ikea discovered this in vain when a lack of preparation caused the company to blush substantially. Essentially, their outdoor interactive advert suffered from a lack of internet connection and instead of the advert the famous “Webpage cannot be displayed” message was displayed.


Mobile Calamity

We love our outdoor advertising Glasgow service but we were shocked to read of an advertising fail that occurred with coffee giants Starbucks while they were using their outdoor vans to advertise their products. The company uses mobile advertising to increase brand awareness and using their logo, they had the letter “S” displayed on the door. Unfortunately, for a few of their vans when they opened the door this caused the vans to display the message of “Starbucks Sucks.” How unfortunate.


Airbnb upsets San Francisco

For a considerable period of time Airbnb was using San Francisco as a sort of mini tax haven due to the hotel laws within the state but finally caved into the city’s demand that they pay the tax owed for that year. Responding to the recent criticism the company had some digital billboard ads created to let the locals know how lucky they were. The adverts themselves weren’t the best with the company implying that the locals should be grateful for the $12 million that they just paid. The ads were not taken too kindly by San Francisco’s finest and were promptly removed.


McDonald’s Billboard Catastrophe

This occurred with the USA franchise and the company launched a new Dollar menu but unfortunately the company’s billboard campaign to promote the menu didn’t quite go to plan. There were a few mishaps with the campaign with a notable example being a billboard advert that instead of promoting the menu and a restaurant straight ahead pointed up to an unrelated advert that promoted diabetes awareness. This made it look like McDonalds was promoting its own menu as likely to incur diabetes. Not the best.


So there we have it. Just a few examples where outdoor advertising can go wrong. We had fun writing this post and if you have any one of your own you would like to add then let us know and we’ll add them to the page.

Additionally, if you are looking for an outdoor advertising Glasgow service then check out our site to see some of our work.

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