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The Rise of Out of Home Advertising

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The Rise of Out of Home Advertising

Meta-description: Digital mobile billboards have revolutionised the face of out of home advertising. See how they could boost your brand awareness today.

How often have you sat down to watch your favourite programme, only for it to be interrupted by adverts at regular intervals? We’ve all been there. Let’s be honest, it can become a bit irritating. Thankfully, marketers are now looking at other ways to reach their respective target markets. Out of home advertising is one of these ways. Unlike other methods of advertising, it is not invasive and targets consumers as they are out and about or in transit. Emerging technologies are making this type of advertising more innovative than ever.



When using out of home advertising, you are looking to market to a group that are ready and willing to be marketed at. They have nothing else to do. Perhaps they are waiting for a bus, or walking to walk? You are not interrupting other, more pressing tasks. Therefore, consumers are more receptive to your message.

These mobile digital billboards can circulate populated areas around a city where you wish to up your current consumer figures. Or, why not hold one at an event? Outdoor festivals present a fantastic opportunity to successfully use digital billboards. Again, as they are mobile, they can be moved depending on where foot traffic is headed. Mobile billboards are also a great way to reinforce your message at a product launch or company event

Can you remember the last static billboard that you saw? Probably not. They are too populous and generic. Mobile digital billboards are less common and therefore stick in the mind of your consumer far more easily. Quite simply, memory retention and awareness levels are boosted in a way that is unachievable for static counterparts.

Out of home advertising has never been more effective, thanks to the rise of mobile digital billboards. To see how this medium could help boost your brand awareness, contact us today.

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