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Out of Home Advertising in Glasgow & the Current Landscape

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Out of Home Advertising in Glasgow & the Current Landscape

The Current Landscape

If you have been taking a look at our website and pondering whether or not to use our Out of Home Advertising Glasgow service then we thought we would take a look at the current DOOH advertising landscape this week on our blog.

A recent study by PQ Media found that the consumption of digital out of home media is still experiencing rapid growth. We found this particularly encouraging as it is highly relevant to our out of home advertising Glasgow service. PQ Media noted that members of the public were exposed to various digital out of home (DOOH) media types for 14 minutes on average, per week in 2013 which reflected a 75% increase from the 8 minutes noted in 2007. What was noteworthy is that this exposure is set to increase to a colossal 56 minutes per week, per person by 2017. That’s quite the increase!

Subsequently, DOOH media is now becoming the second fastest growing advertising medium worldwide. To us, that is a ridiculous fact and just emphasises the overall marketing potential of our products and, in particular, our out of home advertising Glasgow service.

Media gurus Kinect also noted some interesting points that emerged from recent advances within the industry. Kinect Global are now the world’s largest buyer and strategist of out of home media and they recently revealed that digital out of home media accounted for well over 20% of the overall OOH advertising market in 2013. We found this a staggering statistic even though it was 3 years old and we are definitely going to see if we can find the projected figures for 2017.


What we Found

Around 50% of the UK’s digital inventory is located at the busiest areas in London, with intersections naturally proving to be lucrative advertising hubs. PQ further argued that performance from static billboards is suffering due to the rapid increase in outdoor digital advertising media. The United Kingdom is a prime location for reaching consumers who are out of their homes. The UK is currently ranked 6th in the world as a tourist destination with London playing host to more international visitors than any city in the world.

While Glasgow is certainly not as prominent as London, more than 50% of mobile searches have local intent according to Google and 17% of search happens when you are on the move. This relates to our out of home advertising Glasgow service massively as 23% of consumers search for additional information on their mobile device after witnessing a piece of outdoor advertising!

To summarise, we think the future is looking bright for the industry. Digital OOH advertising, in particular, continues to experience substantial growth and OOH advertising spend is at an all-time high. With a large portion of consumers reacting to DOOH by performing mobile searches, we really think this is a prime opportunity for a business to take a step into the unknown and implement a DOOH campaign.

If you are considering some digital out of home advertising but don’t know where to begin, give us a call and we can help you on your way to digital excellence!

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