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How OOH is Impacting Digital Marketing

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ooh screens impact digital marketing

How OOH is Impacting Digital Marketing

Mobile outdoor advertising is all the rage in the marketing world and is having quite the profound impact on the digital marketing industry. While digital marketing was once considered the forefront of the advertising industry, key developments are shaking up digital marketing like never before. For advertisers, though, digital marketing continues to be one of the most targetable and far-reaching of advertising mediums but how exactly is out-of-home advertising having an impact on the digital marketing industry? We thought we would take a look in a little more detail.

There certainly are challenges in the current climate for digital marketers. Developments such as Ad Blockers and the general influx of new online messaging platforms has created major challenges for digital marketers. Cybercrime and the threat of fraudulent activity online has made many consumers wary and thus a little more resistant to traditional online digital marketing efforts. To the rescue, out-of-home advertising seems to be the solution for many firms looking to get their message out there to their target market.


Social Media Influence

Digital OOH advertising continues to excel and mobile outdoor advertising is particularly relevant these days. Of course, social media also plays a key role with certain social media feeds being used to broadcast content on digital screens. The Race for Life campaign is a recent example that saw considerable success. Mobile outdoor advertising screens were used to feature race participants gearing up for their race and also celebrating when it was completed.

This is just one small example of how OOH advertising has integrated successfully with digital marketing to provide a truly innovative and engaging experience for the consumer. Consumer recognition tech is also building momentum and these technologies can identify groups based on demographics such as their age, gender and even mood (“gladvertising”) and companies such as Volvo and Vauxhall are beginning to use these types of tactics in their own marketing campaigns.


Augmented Reality

Some companies are beginning to explore augmented reality and how this technology can enhance OOH advertising campaigns. These campaigns tend to offer an insight into the disruptive nature of OOH advertising and can combine quite nicely with mobile outdoor advertising. The combination of the outdoor environment and the inclusion of digital technologies can really make for massive reach and AR digital marketing combines will take digital marketing as whole into a bold new era.

A recent example of an OOH advertising campaign using AR would be the NHS Blood and Transplant campaign. This campaign showcased the wonders of AR in a whole new light and audiences were encouraged to download an AR app and hold it against their wrists. This sent digital blood to a patient nearby using a digital screen with the aim of encouraging blood donors. The demonstration highlighted the importance of blood donations and it really drove home the impact of the importance of giving blood. It was further bolstered by a flurry of social media activity on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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