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How is Outdoor Advertising Measured

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how is outdoor advertising measured

How is Outdoor Advertising Measured

Outdoor advertising can have a consistently powerful impact but the difficulty arises for brands who want to measure their campaign’s individual performance so how exactly can this be achieved? The difficulty arises due to the complexity of the advertising model itself. The key for brand managers is to discover whether their campaign has resulted in a good ROI as this is often a good indicator of the campaign’s overall performance.

The first thing that stands out to us is the ability to measure your audience. This is no mean feat easy for a lot of companies and calculating the size of your potential audience can be tricky. Every company will have their own way of doing this as some organisations will be using static outdoor advertising whereas others (like ourselves) will be using mobile outdoor advertising. Then you have to consider those that were exposed to your message and whether this lead to engagement with your brand at all.

The second thing to consider is what is known as Opportunity to Contact (OTC). This term was created by market research company Esomar and is a model used to measure how many consumers could potentially walk past your advertisement and see it. This could work for mobile outdoor advertising as well and takes into account variables such as visibility, survey data, mobility modelling and in general, refers to those that physically saw the advert during the campaign time.

Looking at mobility in a bit more depth makes sense due to our product being primarily of a mobile outdoor advertising model and the measurement of movement or journey by our vehicle is naturally a rich source of raw data for us when we measure a campaign. For consumers, though mobility can be measured in a number of ways including participant surveys, travel diaries and recall surveys.

To a certain extent, effectiveness can also be measured from an advertising campaign. A considerable amount of companies will take a metric such as sales and examine the figures before and after the campaign. Of course, other factors come into play especially when there is more than one type of campaign live at any one time. For these scenarios, it can be extremely tricky trying to measure the effectiveness of a mobile outdoor advertising campaign.

Other techniques for measuring effectiveness can be coupon promo or QR codes. These types of engagement can be used to measure a campaign. For example, an exclusive QR code for the campaign could easily measure how many people have interacted with the advert by counting how many QR code scans were accumulated.

These are just some of the ways in which advertisers can measure their advertising campaigns. Of course, every brand is different but if you need any more information on what we do to measure campaigns at GoGo Vision then feel free to get in touch!

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