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Our Mobile Digital Event Screens are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable. DOOH mobile screens can help businesses reach a larger audience, increase sales and help brands stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. There is no better way to demand the attention of your target market.

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Mobile Digital Advertising Screens in Carlisle

The great border city of Carlisle is perfect for getting your message across to thousands of people, particularly with mobile billboards.

With plenty of night-time revellers walking between bars and restaurants along the busy Botchergate area, heavy footfall throughout the city during Carlisle United home games and a reasonably large student population, there are plenty of opportunities to get prospective customers to notice your brand.

One of the advantages of a mobile billboard is that you can target each of these demographics in the space of a few hours – different areas of the city are busy at different times, and by actively placing your mobile billboard in these areas when they are most likely to be densely populated, you’re vastly increasing the exposure of your business.

Because the vehicle carrying your advertisement is continuously moving around, your message will spread like wildfire – it’s something different to the norm and won’t fail to be noticed by thousands of people throughout Carlisle over the course of a day or week.


Digital Advertising Screens Carlisle

Why settle for standard advertising boards when you could draw attention to your goods and services with a digital advertising screen in Carlisle? These illuminated, eye-catching screens convey your message in a form standard print advertising simply cannot compete with. They are particularly useful during the evening when passers-by cannot fail to notice them.

Mobile billboards and digital advertising screens in Carlisle are fantastic ways to promote your brand and increase revenues. These are smart ways to enjoy a great return on investment – unlike online advertising which can be quickly dismissed from a screen, there’s simply no avoiding them.

If you’d like more information on how using digital advertising screens and mobile billboards Carlisle wide could benefit your business, contact GoGo Vision today – our team will talk you through the processes, and advise you on how to make the most of your message.


Control Where Your Message Goes

Mobile billboards in Carlisle are a great way to control where you share your message. Because you can track the vehicle emblazoned with your call to action, you’ll know exactly who is being reached. It’s a flexible marketing method which allows you to take advantage of busy crowds to promote your brand – simply instruct your driver to stop and park wherever a large crowd is gathered and enjoy targeted advertising on-the-go.

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