GoGo Vision provides Digital Out of Home Advertising solutions for companies big and small at a cost effective rate. 

Our Mobile Digital Event Screens are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable. DOOH mobile screens can help businesses reach a larger audience, increase sales and help brands stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. There is no better way to demand the attention of your target market.

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Maintain Brand Exposure with our Digital Advertising Vans

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Maintain Brand Exposure with our Digital Advertising Vans

Here at GoGo Vision we pride ourselves on providing effective brand exposure for your organisation’s events, products and services. We achieve this through careful planning to ensure that the routes we use are best suited for potential customers to see your brand message. Overall our digital advertising vans are a highly effective way of providing brand refreshment by keeping the population aware of your current products and services.


Our digital advertising vans are a media platform that is completely revolutionising outdoor promotion and advertising. We like to think of these platforms as the ultimate mobile marketing tool! This is due to the almost limitless possibilities that exist when you use our services. In 2016 mobile advertising is one of the primary ways to catch potential customers’ attention with studies showing that digital signage has overtaken magazine and TV advertising as a more effective way to have your message seen by members of the public.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you are launching a new product or simply wish to send out a brand reminder to existing customers, we have you covered as our digital advertising vans are the perfect way to show off how your new product works or reinvigorate a brand that is maybe beginning to become stagnant.

We are based in Bothwell just outside Glasgow but our services are available all over Scotland with Glasgow and Edinburgh the prime spots for our digital advertising vans to work their magic. We use the latest LED technology coupled with our high impact audio to really leave a powerful lasting impression. Our services are highly cost effective and will provide a greater return on investment than other traditional advertising channels due to our ability to drive your message straight towards your target market.

If you are launching a new brand, product or service and would like to effectively get your message out there, then look no further and get in touch with us where we can discuss the best packages to suit your needs!

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