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The Ever-Evolving Digital Billboard & Consumer Behaviour

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The Ever-Evolving Digital Billboard & Consumer Behaviour

Trends are important. A trend to us is the general direction in which something is changing or developing. At GoGo Vision, we need to understand trends within our own industry so that we can continue to innovate and develop products and services that will help our clients prosper. This is no mean feat and requires our constant attention and diligence. Luckily we have some great people working for our company that really excel at conducting market research that yields relevant and extremely useful results which allow us to keep ahead of the curve.

Take our digital billboards for example. It is crucial that we understand how consumers process the information that we display on them, the peak times at which we can reach them and how we can improve the overall quality of the platform. As always, our main priority is to provide you with a substantial return on your investment. What is the point in having an advert on a digital billboard if consumers don’t process the advertising message that is displayed? That’s a poor return on investment in our book and that is why our studies on consumer behaviour are an essential element to our research process.

Recently we examined a digital marketing campaign by a company called Inrix, who specialise in gathering and processing traffic data. The organisation instantly grabbed our attention when they set up a digital out-of-home advertising billboard on behalf of their client, the drinkable yoghurt company Dannon! What stood out about the campaign was how the billboard interacted with the public. Essentially the billboard was set up to monitor the speed of oncoming traffic and its advertising message would adapt accordingly.

This is not strictly a new concept but this is the first time that a roadside billboard was able to change its message four times based on the speed of traffic. The adverts themselves were for DanActive yoghurt and were designed by a Canadian advertising agency and were launched in English and French and ran for a trial period the cities of Montreal and Toronto over the summer. The adverts themselves contained various witty messages that changed based on the speed of the traffic. Basically, when the traffic was running slowly the adverts would display messages such as “stay strong” and “there’s no fast way home”. The ads also displayed messages related to the current location, all the while promoting their latest health drink to the public with a catchy hashtag.

Overall we thought this campaign was really clever and it helped us come up with a few ideas of our own. We particularly liked the concept of messages adapting to the speed of traffic and couldn’t help but think of the possibilities if we were to incorporate this concept onto our own billboards. The main advantage of our digital billboard, of course, is that it is mobile so we could even have our message adapt with the speed of traffic as we move with the traffic! If only we had a new client that we could team up with…

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