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What to Expect from GoGo Vision in 2017

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What to Expect from GoGo Vision in 2017

As we near the end of the year, we can’t help but reflect upon how eventful 2016 actually has been in the advertising industry. We have kept up to date with industry trends with the aim of improving our premier outdoor advertising Glasgow service by carefully analysing what has been working for marketers that are advocates of outdoor advertising. We have had a successful year so far and are looking forward to what 2017 brings GoGo Vision!

Our aim remains the same. We want to continue to innovate and provide a great product in our digital advertising van and continue to provide the perfect mobile marketing tool in our outdoor advertising Glasgow service. 2016 saw a big year for outdoor advertising spend and oversaw a growth in out of home advertising spend of around 20% based on the previous year. This suggested to us the current strength of the industry at the time with many companies going outdoor with regards to their marketing efforts.

We focussed on our outdoor advertising Glasgow service most of all and provided our digital advertising vans for a lot of reputable organisations including Subway, KFC and T in the Park and we were able to spread these companies latest brand messages successfully. What we found was that exposure to outdoor messages is set to increase to 56 minutes per person per week in 2017 and we plan to take advantage of this by having more of our vans out on the street than ever.

If you are a business owner or manager and are reading this post then there is the chance that you may be considering our outdoor advertising Glasgow service as part of a start-of-year advertising campaign. We have plenty of reasons to get in touch and digital out-of-home media is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. Growth is expected to continue in 2017 at an exponential rate. There has never been a better or more lucrative time to start an outdoor advertising campaign!

Our premier product is our outdoor advertising Glasgow service which lets you have an advert or message about your product or service displayed on our digital advertising vans. We will then have these vans cover a route of your choice that fits your budget perfectly! We are also beginning to expand to other locations other than just Glasgow so if you are based in Edinburgh or somewhere else, still get in touch and we may be able to work something out!

Overall, 2017 looks like it has the potential to be even better than 2016. We are expecting big growth in the out-of-home media industry so we will be refining our outdoor advertising Glasgow service as necessary. If you are planning on spending some money on advertising then get in touch and we can discuss a package that fits your business needs!

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