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5 Dynamic Examples of Outdoor Advertising Done Right

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outdoor advertising done right

5 Dynamic Examples of Outdoor Advertising Done Right

We spoke a couple of months ago about why big brands love outdoor advertising and if you’ve not read that post you can find it here. As of late, we have noticed a lot of great examples of dynamic marketing from various brands across the UK. Some of our clients come up with some fantastically clever ideas so we thought we would list some examples that we have seen recently of great outdoor advertising.


Weather Based Products by B&Q

This campaign is still live and has been running since its launch in April 2017. Home improvement retailer B&Q has been using mobile digital billboards also to promote their vast range of products. Interestingly, the company has been using weather data to promote fine-weather products such as BBQs and patio furniture. While not creative in the traditional sense, the use of weather data to target consumers based on how hot or cold it is outside is impressive and has been keeping the advertisements highly relevant.


Asda’s April Fools Jokes

Supermarket retail giant Asda recently teamed up with some of the most popular food brands in the UK to deliver an April Fool’s prank with some humorous results. The company used their digital mobile billboard platform to advertise some fictional new products to members of the public. The adverts themselves were bright and colourful and pretty funny too. Some examples were “Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Cheddars” and “Pot Noodle Twister”. It was a really creative campaign and a success overall.


O2 Bluetooth Outdoor Ads

This campaign by telecom company O2 also left a lasting impression on members of the public. O2 also utilised the digital mobile billboard and used geofencing and tracking technologies to engage with the public. The company teamed up with Mobsta and Dax to log passing device ids using Bluetooth. Basically, these ids were used to track whether a particular device visited an O2 store and allowed the company to target consumers with new products such as the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Guinness & the 6 Nations

You might have read about this one over the course of the 6 Nations period. Guinness teamed up with Posterscope and Carat to offer a dynamic campaign that also used various digital mobile billboard platforms. The billboards alerted passers-by to when an upcoming match was starting including the kick off time and the distance of the nearest local pub. Participating pubs used sensors to capture footfall data and were even able to signal to the billboard to send members of the public elsewhere if the establishment got too full. Pretty clever!


Skoda’s Creative Edge

Last but not least we have Skoda’s effort. The car manufacturing firm recently used mobile digital billboards to gather data from various geographical locations as well as live traffic. The adverts were then able to communicate how far the respondent was from one of 4 beautiful UK locations. The adverts were really interesting and part of Skoda’s “Do Something Different” campaign. Some people argued that they stood up to the “shiny car in a beautiful location” stereotype but the technology behind the idea was pretty clever overall.

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