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Last Week’s Apprentice and the Use of Digital Billboards

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the apprentice and digital billboards

Last Week’s Apprentice and the Use of Digital Billboards

We absolutely love The Apprentice here at GoGo Vision and last week’s episode involved our favourite task – the advertising campaign! The teams were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for designer Jeans that included a lot of digital advertising – right up our street! The teams were even tasked with creating some adverts for digital billboards and unfortunately Lord Sugar was not impressed with their efforts.

With the teams split by gender, both groups came up with their own ideas to promote the product with the final goal of presenting their campaign to some of the world’s most respected advertising executives. The first hiccough occurred when the male team failed to utilise their time correctly and as a result, they had no time left to come up with an advert for their digital billboards – one of the key elements of the task. This was one of the primary reasons that the boy’s team failed their task.

The girls managed to create and implement an interactive advert for the digital billboards but it lacked a cutting edge and conflicted with the overall brand message that they were trying to promote. The girl’s efforts, in particular, highlighted to us the crucial importance on ensuring that your digital advert is consistent with the brand image that you are trying to convey to your target market.

Needless to say, both teams were savaged by Sugar and for the first time ever on the advertising task, both teams failed. Dear oh dear! This is definitely a campaign where we could have shared some wisdom with the candidates. If only GoGo Vision had been there to lend a helping hand at least one of the teams might have emerged unscathed.

As a reward for their efforts both teams were dragged back in for a grilling and one of the contestants was fired by Sugar with Glasgow’s very own Natalie Hughes losing her place after just two weeks. On the boys team, Lord Sugar let them all continue but with fair warning to buck up their ideas.

Despite their failures, it made for captivating television and we really enjoyed the digital advertising element and overall we feel The Apprentice is a good measuring stick for how the digital industry is progressing. The show is known for incorporating the latest marketing tools into their tasks and the inclusion of digital billboards in season 12 is a marker of how the product continues to progress.

We really enjoyed the episode and couldn’t help wondering how our digital advertising vans would have performed had the contestants being tasked with driving them around Glasgow City Centre. We will definitely be writing to the producers of the show to see if we can have our vans included in the next season. How cool would it be if the contestants had to create an advert and then drive our advertising vans?

If you enjoyed the episode as much as us, then why not leave us a message on what you enjoyed most about it and how you would have gone about the campaign yourself.

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