GoGo Vision provides Digital Out of Home Advertising solutions for companies big and small at a cost effective rate. 

Our Mobile Digital Event Screens are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable. DOOH mobile screens can help businesses reach a larger audience, increase sales and help brands stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. There is no better way to demand the attention of your target market.

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digital billboard advertising hire in edinburgh

Digital Billboard Advertising Hire in Edinburgh

Here at GoGo Vision, we specialise in operating and providing digital billboard  advertising for hire in Edinburgh for all types of business, with the aim of getting your brand noticed, which in turn can lead to increasing your customer base and incoming leads. Our fleet of vehicles use state of the art technology to help your brand gain maximum visibility to your preferred audience, and our in-house team uses creative flair and trusted strategies to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns.


What We Do

We run campaigns that make use of 4.8m by 2.4m mobile digital advertising screens, which are transported by our nimble city vans and can be driven to or parked at popular city attractions almost anywhere in Edinburgh. With simple, modern technology, there are no complicated set-ups or generators and the only staff required are our experienced drivers.

Whether it is for promoting services, products, or events, our large digital screens can be transported and placed easily to help you target powerful marketing campaigns towards potential customers. With traditional methods of advertising becoming increasingly expensive, digital billboards are fast turning into the go-to means of business promotion in Scotland and across the rest of the UK – all for a fraction of the price.

During 2017, our expansion into the popular city of Edinburgh has focused on targeting high foot-fall areas, such as popular tourist attractions. Our campaigns make the most of mobile digital technology by concentrating on locations like the busy Princes Street, Leigh Street and George Street, as well as Haymarket and the Edinburgh Waverley foot-fall during commuting times and at weekends.

On top of this, we also provide other services, including promotional staff, iWalkers, iProjectors, AdBikes, and other marketing solutions, so if our digital screens aren’t the right fit for your business at the moment, we can work with you to find the right media for your promotions.


Why is Out of Home Advertising Popular in the UK?

Out of Home advertising in the UK is incredibly popular as a result of the flexibility and creativity of our advertising solutions. Our ten second ads play on 60 second loops using media such as video with audio, a static image, or anything else – the choice really is yours. With high-resolution screens, your content can be seen from near and far.

During our campaigns, we run industry-exclusivity, meaning none of your competitors will be shown during your slot, helping you stand out. As an outdoor advertising service, we are unparalleled in our coverage in Edinburgh, being the most cost-effective, flexible and tailored OOH media provider available.


Who uses our services?

Existing clientele benefiting from our advertising campaigns include large corporate companies who wish to boost exposure by focusing on their services, marketing, advertising, and media firms aiming to increase their publicity, and concert venues looking to advertise upcoming events. Why not take a look at some of the brands currently using us on our case studies page?

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Not only this, but due to the flexibility of our campaigns, we also pride ourselves on original and creative marketing techniques, and are willing to work closely with you to help give your brand the maximum possible limelight. Our digital ad vans do not just provide advertising solutions, but are also available to hire for drive-in movies, live event hosting as well as city and public awareness campaigns.


Why GoGo Vision?

By providing a tailored solution for your needs, as well as a top-quality product, our goal is to give you the most professional service in Edinburgh. Our marketing experience and knowledge of efficient advertising for all types of business means we are looking to exceed expectations every time. We spend time ensuring our equipment is performing to the best of its ability to guarantee your product or service will be represented as professionally as possible.


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Our passion is creative advertising, so if you are based in or around Edinburgh, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team. We are happy to work with you to help you boost your brand and products across the city. Our website is full of info, or alternatively you can get in touch by clicking here:

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