GoGo Vision provides Digital Out of Home Advertising solutions for companies big and small at a cost effective rate. 

Our Mobile Digital Event Screens are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable. DOOH mobile screens can help businesses reach a larger audience, increase sales and help brands stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. There is no better way to demand the attention of your target market.

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Launching a New Product or Service? Our Digital Advertising Vans Can Help!

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Launching a New Product or Service? Our Digital Advertising Vans Can Help!

We are advocates of digital out of home advertising (DOOH) and our digital advertising vans are an innovative and interesting way to drive leads to your business or service. With growth in the industry set to continue exponentially in 2017, we decided to take a look at some recent DOOH ideas and why they are working so effectively.

We provide a digital advertising vans Glasgow service which naturally caters mostly to the city of Glasgow. We often like to take a look at campaigns in other cities so that we can gauge their success and understand how the structure of these campaigns could help us with our product in the future. We have learned from some of the very best media companies in the UK and this has led to us to being able to provide a highly specialised service.

Finding the most effective way to deliver branded messages can be extremely difficult. It’s the age old case of if we had the perfect method then every agency in the UK would be using it. We like digital out of home primarily because it allows us to communicate to a wide variety of customers.

The media environment in the UK is so complex that the structure of it is one of the biggest issues that a modern advertiser faces. Traditional methods of advertising are less effective as consumers do not tend to spend as much time in places where marketers have traditionally targeted in the past. The second main component is consumer attention. Consumer’s attention is harder to attract now more than ever due to the vast amount of messages that they encounter every single day.

As soon as you walk down the street or take public transport you are bombarded with messages. Standing out from the crowd is the key and as a result, innovation is required to create product or service that will stand out. Our digital advertising vans are one of these products as they are 100% completely mobile all the time.

Our vans utilise a digital out of home strategy whereby they are strategically placed to reach a wide ranging audience. The messages can be as highly-targeted as you wish and our aim is to amplify your brand message to deliver a deeper level of engagement with your target market. Location is the new currency of marketing and our digital advertising vans allow you to pick any location that you wish!

Digital out of home advertising is developing every day and we are determined to keep ahead of the curve. You might be thinking that your product or service will not work with our digital advertising vans but don’t hesitate to get in touch and not only can we show you how we can get it to work, we can also give you a free quote! We believe in our product and so should you so get in touch!

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