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Why Big Brands Love Outdoor Advertising

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big brands love outdoor advertising

Why Big Brands Love Outdoor Advertising

Big brands pour millions of their own marketing budgets into advertising outdoors but why? In the age of the digital billboard, big brands can express themselves more creatively than ever before and you are never far from an innovative digital advert when you are out and about. If people are not aware of you, then they won’t search for you so a great outdoor advert can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts and help develop trust and build authentic consumer relationships.

A great example of this would be when McDonalds spent an astonishing $988 million on brand advertising in 2013 with the company looking to increase turnover but also build bonds with their customers. This figure accounted for over 15% of quick-serve brand advertising spend for the year and really emphasises the differences in spending between SMEs and big businesses. Of course, the traditional channels of advertising (TV, radio, billboards etc.) are still used but on the whole, they have seen a gradual decline in revenues over the last couple of years.


Why SMEs Should Follow the Example of Big Brands

Outdoor advertising is continuing to holds its own in terms of its effectiveness as an advertising tool. When you factor in advances in technology such as the modern digital billboard or mobile digital platforms such as our digital advertising van, then you can begin to see that outdoor advertising is becoming much more viable for SMEs and not just global brands with millions of pounds to spend. Big corporations invest heavily in outdoor advertising in the modern age to build awareness to drive conversions through content that is both organic and paid.

The digital billboard is a great choice and can really help nurture a brand image that promotes trust, loyalty and familiarity. Of course, not every business has the marketing budget of a global brand such as McDonalds but outdoor advertising solutions such as our digital advertising van and offer a viable and cost-effective outdoor advertising solution. SMEs can overcome a modest marketing budget by being creative and using innovative adverts to build awareness and relationships with new and existing customers to ultimately communicate their brand’s core values and purpose.


GoGo Vision’s Solution

Overall, modern outdoor advertising platforms such as a digital billboard or advertising van boast impressive reach and scale and can really communicate effectively your primary message, slogan or tagline. At GoGo Vision, our mobile digital billboard vans can really offer your business the chance to stand out from the crowd. If you have are looking to start a campaign yourself or have any questions about outdoor advertising then feel free to message us and we would be happy to discuss the impact that outdoor advertising could have for your business. Get in touch today!

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