GoGo Vision provides Digital Out of Home Advertising solutions for companies big and small at a cost effective rate. 

Our Mobile Digital Event Screens are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable. DOOH mobile screens can help businesses reach a larger audience, increase sales and help brands stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. There is no better way to demand the attention of your target market.

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Benefits of Using a Mobile Digital Billboard in Inverness

Our mobile digital billboards are placed on the side of a van – or other large vehicle – with the idea of advertising to all of those that may see or pass it. Moving billboards differ from the typical standstill billboard advertising, and it’s quite an effective advertising strategy.

Below we consider some of the benefits to a business for choosing moving mobile billboard advertising:


Digital Advertising Screens in Inverness
Grab & Hold Attention

A moving billboard is far more eye-catching than a still one. When you use video or flashy images, whichever your technique is, you can create something that will stick in the public’s mind, meaning they will remember your product, or service when they need it. Results have shown that 94% of consumers remember mobile digital billboards compared to static.

The only limit with a moving billboard is your imagination.


Mobile Billboards
Increase Your Campaign’s Reach

A mobile billboard literally means that your advertisement is moving. This gives you a unique opportunity to bring your advertisement to your target audience, whether that’s by aiming for a high traffic area, or a target neighbourhood or area. By using our digital advertising screens, you have a higher chance of the people you want to see your advertisement, actually seeing it!


Outdoor Advertising
Tailored to Suit You

Certain promotions or products will be more effective at certain periods of the day. By purchasing advertising space on a digital advertising screen, a company could choose several different adverts to run at different times during the day, to increase the impact of their promotions. For example, if you are advertising a restaurant or a bar, it would make sense to advertise lunch menu/deals before lunchtime, and dinner deals before dinner time. Time your promotions to suit your potential customers.

If you are interested in hiring one of our mobile billboard to compliment and enhance your current marketing campaign, then get in touch with us today! Our high-res digital advertising screens have helped generate exposure and high-impact impressions on the ground for many satisfied clients. They are excellent for brand recognition and awareness.

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