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How Many People Can an Advertising Van Reach in Glasgow?

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How Many People Can an Advertising Van Reach in Glasgow?

At GoGo Vision, we provide a number of innovative and unique products to help our clients advertise their products and services. Our advertising van provides the ultimate mobile marketing tool but we also offer event screen hire, Ad Bikes and even PR staff! We are perhaps best known for our mobile advertising van and you might have seen them all over Glasgow.

Our product works really well due to a combination of factors that include targeted travel routes and high-quality sound and video content.

Of course, our product works well in part because there are people on the street to see it and we always aim to target areas of the city with high levels of footfall. For this post, we thought we would discuss in a little more detail the amount of footfall that some areas of Glasgow experience and how we utilise this for your benefit. Our number one priority is always a high return on investment for our clients when they use our advertising van service, so check out our findings.

The word footfall refers to the number of people that are present or pass through an area over a specific period of time, as measured through a couple of different methods. Footfall is a useful variable to measure as it allows a business or organisation to roughly gauge their potential audience figure when they launch a new advertising campaign.

Our advertising van can reach the eyes of thousands of people around the city on a single trip so to give you an idea of the amounts of people that that view our advertising van, we’ve delved into the footfall figures provided by Glasgow City Council.

You might not be aware but there are actually footfall counters dotted all around in prime spots around the city centre, take Buchanan Street as a starting point. Figures show that Buchanan Street’s footfall was for November 2015 measured up at a total of 1,390,000. That’s a lot of people to see your advertisement!

Argyle Street is perhaps most suited to our mobile advertising van and for the same period (November 2015) Argyle Street had a footfall of approximately 1,605,000. This is an incredible amount of people and results in a daily footfall of 53,500 people for that month.

Sauchiehall Street is another shopping hub in the city centre and we found that for the same month, the footfall was around 1,350,000 resulting in an average daily footfall of 45,000. Hiring our advertising van even for a couple of hours could have your advert viewed by thousands of people in these locations. This footfall is especially concentrated at peak times and on holidays.

Glasgow is the second largest retail centre in the UK with only London recording higher figures. Shopping areas and cities are always getting even busier, with more people choosing to check them out. This makes our city a great spot to advertise your product or service so get in touch and we can discuss a plan that suits you!

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