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Advantages of a Digital AdVans

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advantages of a digital ooh screen

Advantages of a Digital AdVans

We’ve touched on the benefits of an interactive digital outdoor advertising screen before but recently we have been looking at some key industry statistics as well as our own mobile digital billboard’s performance and some key points have stood out much more than others. Our advertising van has been making great strides recently and really helping a lot of our clients with their marketing efforts so what are the key advantages of a digital OOH screen in 2017? We’ve listed a few key points below and we hope you enjoy our post!


Powerful Dynamic Displays

Digital screens are used to target wide audiences in a specified geographical location. Recent reports have suggested that brands should spend approximately 45% of their advertising budget on digital outdoor adverts and digital screens are the perfect way to achieve this. While we focus on our advertising van product, static digital event screens can still have quite the profound effect on the performance of a brand. Getting good exposure can be expensive so the more innovative the advert, the better!

The fact is that digital screens are better received than traditional generic advert platforms according to several sources. The digital version of these screens have a flexibility and dynamism that traditional billboard and print adverts simply don’t have. We mentioned the success of the recent Race for Life campaign a couple of weeks ago with the campaign relying heavily on digital screens that used live social media posts to inspire runners onto victory.


Constant Advances in Digital AdVans

The scope of OOH is massive due to the constant advances in technology that affect the industry and advances such as eye-tracking technology are really starting to have quite the impact on how digital OOH screens communicate with passers-by. Gender recognition is another area that is rapidly advancing and while our advertising van does not have these capabilities yet, you never know what the future holds! Essentially, modern screens are able to recognise customers and send them targeted and relevant messages.

Data harnessing is another key area of development that is rapidly changing the way in which we engage with customers. Mobile data tracking is huge now and this tech can track mobile users throughout their day to gauge the behaviour of that particular individual. Of course, there are ethical issues here so users of this type of digital marketing have to tread carefully. However, it cannot be understated the advantages of data mapping specific behavioural audiences.


Smart City Integration

The final advantage of modern digital advans is integrating with surroundings. Smart City Integration is digitally networked and information is shared across civic spaces. While this tech is in the early stages, interactive screens are key to its development of it and some even say, the future of out-of-home. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen so stick Smart City Integration in the “one to watch” box. There are certainly some innovative solutions making their mark in the OOH industry and we will continue to monitor developments closely.

If you have any questions on our advertising van then feel free to drop us a message!

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