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Things to Consider for a Mobile Digital Advert

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Things to Consider for a Mobile Digital Advert

We recently released a brand new information pack detailing how our ad van can help advertise your product or service. You can find it right here and if you have never seen our ad van in action then check out our video below to see how it all works. A return on your investment is our ultimate aim but there are things that you can do before you begin your advertising journey with us. Of course, your advert will be related to your product or service but we thought we would list some general pointers as to how you can get maximum ROI when choosing to run a digital advertising campaign with GoGo Vision.

The first thing to consider would be your target audience. Naturally, most of our clients know who their target audience is but when using our ad van some thought has to be put into where your target audience are likely to be in or around your chosen location. Choosing an effective route is crucial as there is little point in selecting an area with limited pedestrians or vehicular traffic. Our information pack has more information on footfall figures so have a quick read for a general overview and of course, we can help you decide on the most effective route for your target audience.

Another factor to consider is the clarity of the message itself. The age old saying “less is more” rings true for your advert. Our ad van is mobile most of the time and we offer 10 second advertising slots on a 60 second loop so it is of key importance that members of the public can understand your message within this timeframe. An advert that is visually appealing with not too much text will certainly do the job. With such a small window to capture the attention of the public, standing out is key so use images and graphics to create an advert with a “Wow” factor!

Finally, we have measuring an adverts progress. Any advertiser will tell you that effectively measuring an advert can be tricky but there are some things you can include to try and measure the progress of your mobile digital advert. Using call-to-action techniques is a small way in which you can gauge the progress of your advert on our ad van. A unique promotional code which a customer has to enter before purchasing is an effective way to measure an advert or you could utilise the popular hashtag to encourage others to engage with your brand on social media. Additionally, a unique landing page with a short URL can be displayed on the ad which can help track the number of visitors to your website.

These are just some of the things to consider before you finalise your mobile advertising campaign with us but if you feel you have a great idea for a mobile advert then get in touch and we can use our ad vans to make it a reality!

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