Screen Specifications

GoGo Vision Screen Specs

Screen Technical Specifications

  • The P10 LED display on our digital advertising van is 15 square meters wide, comprised of close-bridged 10 millimetre pixels.
  • It is configured in a 16:9 ratio, matching the broadcasting widescreen standard.
  • The application of new, cutting-edge technology generates a virtual pixel which improves the resolution over an ordinary P5 LED screen by 400%. This means that the software instantaneously evaluates four ways to show an image and then overlays those to eliminate the ‘saw’ effect, called pixilation, to deliver brilliant resolution.
  • The GoGo Vision screen can be viewed at close quarters and at 10 meters has the clarity of most HD televisions, but ten times brighter. It can be viewed at up to 300 meters away and the image clarity is unaffected by bright sunshine or rain.
  • The GoGo digital advertising van boasts an on-board Behringer sound system that delivers studio-quality sound through Carbon Fibre speakers.
  • Mounted on a Renault truck, the screen can be elevated up to 2 metres by a hydraulic lift over any obstructing fence, vehicle or other object.
  • Set up time is only minutes from arrival on site and relocation is simple and easy, able to be done with the screen still running.

Benefits of our Digital Advertising Van

GoGo Vision has harnessed the latest LED technology to bring vivid, brilliantly coloured images & video of your product or service to any outdoor location. Whether it’s for a product launch, promotion, public awareness message or part of an advertising campaign, we can bring your message to your target market, in any location that can accommodate our digital advertising van. This can even include large indoor spaces such as warehouses or event spaces.

There are no extra vehicles, no trailing cables, no huge generators and no extra staff required to run our digital advertising van. The screen and sound system are fully integrated with the vehicle and our operators can nimbly manoeuvre the truck into and out of any location, allowing for full-scale digital advertising that is effective, mobile and as simple as possible.

GoGo Vision’s digital screen can also come in handy at an outdoor event for broadcasting both live and recorded video footage as well as providing background advertising or promotion. Our screen can be positioned and set up within fifteen minutes, ready to begin showing whatever visual elements you want, from HD video and a photography slideshow to live event coverage.