Edinburgh City Ad Campaigns

City Ad Campaigns: Covering Cities Across the UK

Edinburgh City:

Our City Centre outdoor ad-van campaigns are perfect for getting your business noticed in prime locations across the city! There really is no more effective way of making your ad
stand out and promoting in the busiest locations across Edinburgh, including:: George Street, Princess Street, Queen Street, Grassmarket, North/South Bridge, Leith Street, Haymarket and more!


The footfall of these locations, coupled with the proven track record of our outdoor advertising campaigns is a recipe for success for your business.

At suitable times throughout the day, our ad-van will remain stationary in one of several prime locations across the city. This allows for maximum exposure in areas of high traffic and minimal competition from other advertising sources.

Our campaigns are tracked in real time using GPS. So you are able to log on and see where your ad is placed at any time. The mobility of our vans means that we can cover almost any part of the city whilst adapting to find the best places across each day of the campaign.

Our Upcoming Campaign Dates

11th – 15th & 18th – 22nd Dec (80 hours)

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We can design your adverts!

No artwork, or unsure where to start? Our in house designers can create the perfect advert to promote your brand!

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