GoGo Vision Digital Advertising Vans

Digital Advertising Vans

The GoGo Vision digital advertising van is the platform that is transforming outdoor advertising and promotion. It really is the ultimate mobile marketing tool, where the only limit is your imagination.

Can Reach Any Location

We’re portable and regularly relocate, ensuring a wide reach.

Full Video & Sound Content

Create rich advertising that catches consumer attention.

Multiple Adverts

Having multiple adverts – one for each location or service – ensures you can communicate conscisely. 

About Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor mobile video advertising is the most cost-effective and innovative way to advertise a product/service. This medium allows companies to attain exceptional audience attention from their target market. It’s a very inexpensive way to reinforce any existing advertising/branding campaign. Product Launches, Opening Ceremonies, Roadside Billboard Campaigns, Sporting Events

The Product Acceptance & Research Institute of Washington, DC conducted a study that calculated the consumer awareness and memory retention levels between static billboards and billboards that used motion and lights. The results found that 94% of consumers remembered the mobile billboards and only 43% recalled the static billboards.

GoGo Vision digital advertisements generate excellent exposure and high-impact impressions at the street-level. They are exceptional for brand awareness and recognition. They complement existing marketing campaigns very well. More important, they reach audiences missed by traditional broadcast and print media at a fraction of the cost. Basic One-off Hire rates are calculated on a one location one day basis. A day being 8 continuous hours. Promotion packages including multiple locations are quoted on a job by job basis.

Why Choose GoGo Vision?

Impressive Reach

Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising Reaches 98% Of The UK Population Every Week!

Be Remembered

94% Of Consumers Remember Digital Billboards And Only 43% Recall The Static Billboards.

High Impact Video & Audio

Outdoor mobile video advertising is the most cost-effective and innovative way to advertise you message.

Highly Cost Effective

Compared to other advertising mediums from newspapers, billboards to TV and radio there is no bigger or eye-catching way to ensure your message is seen by your audience with flexible start and end dates.

Greater Return On Investment

With Go Go Vision one of the biggest advantages with our digital screen is the ability to advertise and promote multiple messages, whether that’s various events, branches or promotions.

Drive Your Message Direct To Your Target Market

We help you target specific groups and demographics by offering time sensitive and location specific opportunities, with a truly amazing selection of high footfall, main road and motorway locations.

Go Go Vision Drives Ultimate Creativity

Our digital billboard offers unavoidable impact and memorability, offering advertisers and agencies massive creative opportunities to engage and interact with an even more defined audience.

Peace Of Mind And Transparency

Our digital ad-van is tracked 24/7 with our online GPS tracker system. You will be given your own online login details which allows you to monitor and pin point your campaign at all times.

Latest LED Technology

GoGo Vision has harnessed the latest ‘LED’ technology to bring vivid, brilliantly coloured video of your product or your service to any location in the the great outdoors. Whether for a product launch, promotion, public awareness messaging or part of an advertising campaign we can bring your message to your market – Anywhere!

No juggernaut trucks. No trailing cables. No huge generators. No cast of thousands. Nimble and fully integrated it can operate anywhere and move anywhere. Within fifteen minutes, lifting above the crowd, it is up and running, grabbing the attention of a curious world and telling them about YOU.

Your new Product Launch! Your Event! Your Campaign! You Decide!

Brilliant Moving Video Images and Sound – Anywhere! Movement is irresistible to human curiosity. Our video screen can be seen up to 300 meters away even in bright sunlight. Static ads – are so yesterday! Marketing just got very very clever

Did you know....

Of the percentage of people who report that advertising media catches their attention, digital signage is the highest at 63%. That’s more than magazines (57%) and TV (56%)!